Former Smithereens Frontman Tries To Make Free Music

from the cool dept

Chris writes “Pat DiNizio, former lead singer of The Smithereens, is launching a subscription based program that rewards members with exclusive CD’s, private in-home concerts, backstage passes, t-shirts, and who knows what else. The $1200 membership is limited to 100 patrons.” This is great to hear about. I think it sounds like a fabulous experiment – though, I wonder how successful it will be at $1200 a pop. Though, I guess if you’re a huge fan, $1200 to get a free concert in your own living room is probably worth it. However, this model is a great concept, and if the price were scaled back (or perhaps tiered) with different options, it could be a great way to do an end-run around the music industry’s ridiculous economics, while helping more people hear a musicians’ music – and connect directly with the musician. This is the way that music really needs to be priced. It’s a service for its fans, and not a product on a plastic disc.

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