Alan Greenspan Ponders Intellectual Property

from the good-for-him dept

Mark Gallagher writes “Techdirt has always done a good job of bringing in the business principles and economic theory that underpins many of the discussions that take place here. Alan Greenspan comments at the 2003 Financial Markets Conference indicate the Chairman has been doing a lot of thinking about propety right, economic growth and how one deals with zero marginal cost goods. He touches on a lot of ideas that have been voiced before, and doesn’t offer any solutions, but it’s a good, thoughtful summary of the issues involved.” I think it’s a good sign that someone like Greenspan is (1) raising these issues and (2) not dismissing them outright, or taking one definite side. He’s clearly trying to think through all the real implications of this, instead of just kneejerking to a decision.

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