Habeas Suing Spam Haiku Abusers

from the will-it-really-help? dept

When Habeas first announced their plans to make spam a copyright issue by embedding a haiku in all your email headers that would let you put “conditions” on usage, I was very skeptical. First, it seemed like too big of a step for most users to take, and more importantly, I didn’t think it would matter at all to most spammers who would continue to rely on the fact that they couldn’t be found. Well, now the strategy is being put to the test, as Habeas has

filed lawsuits against five entities that they say violated the haiku strategy. It remains to be seen if their legal premise is sound, and whether or not they’ll actually be able to get any money out of spammers. If they are successful, however, they’ll certainly get a lot more attention from potential users.

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