Naked Xbox Volleyball Is No Joke

from the call-out-the-lawyers dept

I’m not working on very much sleep today, and I just know this means I’m going to end up falling for an April Fool’s story… Most have been obvious, and there have been a few questionable stories I’ve avoided just to be safe. This one, though, sounds like it might be real. The makers of Xtreme Beach Volleyball for the Xbox, which advertises the virtual women in the game as “sexier than ever” are threatening to sue anyone who publishes a patch that makes those “sexy” virtual women naked. Apparently the company, Tecmo, has a history of suing people who create code to put naked characters in their game. The cynical side of my brain (getting larger every day) thinks that this is actually a good marketing strategy for Tecmo. Publicly complain that there’s code available that make their characters naked… and watch the sales jump upwards.

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Comments on “Naked Xbox Volleyball Is No Joke”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: naked patch is true, not a Tecmo stunt

Yeah but its a great publicity coup by Tecmo ANYWAY…its win/win, think about it.

step one: Some hackers put out a patch that make their characters naked in the game.

step two: Tecmo loudly protests….now even if they weren’t behind the creation of the patch in the first place (and they probably arent) they win 2 things out of their protests:

a – The look like they are champions of “morality” and setting parents at ease by the “outrage” they show at their game being so twisted around by unauthorized persons…

b – They let their demographic (horny teens) know that there IS a patch out there and they rush out to buy the game.

I mean lets face it, any company that creates a game with scantily clad bikini bimbos and advertises that its “sexier than ever” isn’t really concerned about *gasp* nakedness. 🙂

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