Getting Closer To In-Flight Internet Access

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This story keeps dragging out longer and longer. For years there have been stories about how airlines will finally get around to introducing internet access, and the recent trials are

starting to look good. While there have been some technical problems (would you have expected otherwise?) most people seem to enjoy the offering. Of course, the pricing (a big issue) is still up in the air (no pun intended) – so it remains to be seen if they take the AirPhone route and ask for an arm and a leg just to check your email. Slightly unrelated: Since no US airlines are currently running such trials and I’m going to be travelling a bit in the near future, I’ve been researching internet access in airports. I’m going to be stuck in JFK for a few hours, and can’t seem to find any serious internet connections anywhere in the airport (other than a T-Mobile hotspot in the American Airlines Admiral’s Club – which I am not a member of). If anyone has been to JFK recently and knows of a way to get internet access while there, please let me know.

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Comments on “Getting Closer To In-Flight Internet Access”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Content Filtering

What about passengers who access porn sites during flight? If they do it next to a kid, I can definitely see lawsuits. And when that happens, IT professionals will surely complain about “freedom of speech” and file counter-suits. In the long run, airlines may conclude that not having net access on planes is safer and cheaper.

Airports used to have free net access in waiting areas, but mostly got taken down for the same reason.

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