Copyproof CDs Moving To US Market?

from the not-a-good-idea... dept

While they’ve been trying them overseas, the record companies have, for the most part, resisted releasing copy protected music CDs in the US – knowing that the anger from consumers was likely to be pretty loud. It seems they’re getting over that fear, and now really don’t care what their customers think. A new report says that some major labels are getting ready to release more copy-protected CDs in the US market. Once again, this is a backwards move. It won’t (at all) stop people who are pirating their music. It will, however, anger any number of customers. So, it does nothing to solve the problem, but does upset their customers. Seems like the sort of backwards move the music industry would make, doesn’t it? How long does this need to go on before the industry realizes that they’re doing more damage to themselves with these moves? As I’ve said in the past, it looks like it’s too late for the traditional music industry. Newer, smaller, smarter music labels are going to embrace file sharing, and the old labels will fade away – complaining all the way.

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