Movielink Tries To Rebuild Marketing Buzz

from the maybe-they-should-rethink-their-product-instead dept

When Movielink, the Hollywood-backed online movie venture, first launched all the reasons it was likely to fail were pretty obvious. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise, five months down the road, to hear that they’re shifting strategies a bit. Of course, the new plans don’t do much to help solve the real problems. Instead of admitting that they’re offering something that isn’t very compelling for way too high a price, Movielink has decided that they’re struggling because people don’t know about them. Thus, get ready for a big, useless, marketing campaign to tell you all about how you can sit around all day waiting for an insanely large download that will give you very limited movie watching options on a tiny screen – for more than what it would cost you to run over to Blockbuster and rent the feature-packed DVD. Once again, it looks like Hollywood has purposely designed Movielink to fail, so that they’ll be able to tell Congress they “tried” to offer legitimate movies online, but were stymied by file sharing networks.

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Comments on “Movielink Tries To Rebuild Marketing Buzz”

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Greg Spira says:

No Subject Given

I tend to think of this differently; I think MovieLink is a good experiment. It won’t succeed in its current form, and it wasn’t designed to, but I think it’s a good idea for the studios to be testing out a serice like this. I really don’t believe that what’s happened with the music industry and file sharing is going to happen with the film/video industry (at lesat not in the West), because the dynamics of the two are so different. The DVD has been wildly successful because it provides the value that the CD lacks. Some of the studios such as Disney had to be forcibly dragged into the DVD industry, of course – there still are dinosaurs. But unlike in the music business, there are folks in the movie industry that are progressive thinkers.

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