How Will War Impact The Tech World?

from the it-all-depends dept

Someone who prefers to remain anonymous wrote in with a link to an “Iraq war web log” from Jupiter Research?s analysts, which tries to track how the ongoing events of the war impact the technology world. They point out that the “War Impact Scoreboard might be of particular interest.” The scorecard looks at how different lengths of the war will impact different tech sectors. The blog, itself, is interesting, though not earth shattering – and for some bizarre reasons doesn’t seem to include actual links to the stories they’re talking about. In related news, the folks over at Merrill Lynch don’t waste time with any contingencies, and say that the war won’t harm IT spending, period. Though, they also point out that a quick end to the war won’t boost spending either. Basically, they’re saying the US economy is still in its own slump that has nothing to do with the war – and doesn’t seem likely to be impacted by the war. Of course, that’s based on Merrill Lynch talking with company CIOs who are probably more optimistic than they should be.

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