Spammers Remain Unrepentant As They Make Money

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It certainly is becoming an increasingly popular past time for reporters to try to track down a spammer and interview them. The latest is a story out of New Zealand talking to two teenaged spammers who have no problems flooding the internet and annoying people in order to make a little extra spending cash. One of the guys is fairly open about how the process works and says that he gets approximately 2,000 to 3,000 “remove” requests for every million emails sent out and 150 to 200 morons who are genuinely interested. I still want to know who those 150 to 200 people are and what is going through their brains. For his troubles, his “contacts” (who get him the email addresses) pay him $300 per million emails sent. He claims he should soon be able to send out 4 million emails a day, so you can do the math (if you trust him to be truthful about the numbers). The other spammer is 14 years old and also “dabbles in” credit card fraud, so you can tell he’s a real winner. The first guy defends his practice with a bizarre statement saying first that, “the internet wasn’t designed for people to choose what they do and do not want to receive,” but then following it up with this gem: “This is a very valuable medium and shouldn’t be abused.” Of course the 14 year old goes back to the standard crutch of idiot spammers, saying that people should just hit the delete button.

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