Could Google Have Saved

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While we’ve had fun over the years tweaking fun at my old classmates who founded for not having the slightest idea how to turn their random collection of sites into something resembling a business model, the folks over at Google have come up with a business-model-in-retrospect for the now extraordinarily dead Unfortunately, the details in the article are lacking (other than the first sentence, the article doesn’t mention at all). Basically, they just say that by using Google, could have been profitable. Most of the article actually talks about the general paid search business. It’s interesting to see some in the industry (though, it appears, not Google) are already overhyping and pumping up predicted returns from paid search. LookSmart is claiming it will be a $3 billion business in a few years. Didn’t these people learn anything about not extrapolating out too far, and not setting expectations that may be difficult to meet? Sounds like some of these other sites are more like than likely to have saved it.

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