Hackers Evolve From Pranksters Into Profiteers

from the the-greed-factor dept

Historically, most hackers (or crackers, if you must…) were mostly involved in the practice for the thrill of exploring computer systems, rather than any nefarious purposes. While some did things that were illegal, they rarely were stealing, despite what the popular press might have you believe. Those days, however, may be over, as hacking for identity theft purposes has become a valuable past time. The article makes it sound as though it’s mostly individuals, but I would imagine that the worst offenders are from the organized crime world, where the ease of online identity theft must be very tempting.

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Comments on “Hackers Evolve From Pranksters Into Profiteers”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Then they would be making a huge mistake.

Some people think that selling secrets/skills to organized crime/foreign intelligence is a good way to make money. What they don’t tell you is that those organisations will blackmail you and drain you to the end.

And then there’s the pretty woman decoy, which techies would be quite gullible for.

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