Free Money From Generous ATM Given Back

from the so-honest dept

When a overly generous bank ATM in North Dakota started giving people more money than they asked for, at least three customers made sure to give the extra money back. The article makes it sound like those were the only three customers who received extra money – and that they were all honest and gave it back. I wonder if that’s true, or if most people took the money and ran.

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Comments on “Free Money From Generous ATM Given Back”

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dorpus says:

Why lack of privacy can be a good thing

In rural communities where everyone knows what everyone had for breakfast, there is often very little crime. There are towns where unattended stores have money deposit counters, so customers will drop off the money. (Of course, there are rural towns where crime is every bit as nasty as big city ghettos.)

The premise of big cities in the Industrial era was the freedoms of choice they offered, along with the anonymity, lack of accountability, lack of care for one another. How will cities change when people are no longer anonymous, more accountable, and maybe people care about one another?

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Re: Why lack of privacy can be a good thing

Officially, I am unemployed.

Unofficially, I am working part time for a scientist writing a research paper, and my name will be published. And I will also be performing at a rock concert in Tokyo on Friday and Monday. I’ve lost 10 pounds since being laid off so bought a new pair of clothes for the concert. Life ain’t going too bad.

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