Samsung dumps MS Smartphone

FierceWireless has drawn a lot of attention to a flimsy rumor posted on that claims Samsung, as a part of its Series 60 licensing agreement, will limit its use of Microsoft mobile software to Pocket Pocket PC Phone Edition and drop plans for Microsoft Smartphone-based products. The basis for’s speculation is that Samsung is showing no Smartphone products at CeBit but is showing Series 60 and Palm OS based phones. What you see at trade shows has less to do with what a company plans to release and more to do with what will appeal to event attendees. I suspect that if a carrier went to Samsung and asked for a MS Smartphone product, they would get one. Plus such a deal would be out of line with Samsung’s strategy so far of hedging its bets across phone OSs. Offering a variety of handsets is going to help them close that gap with Motorola.

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