Turf Wars Hurt Grid Computing

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Nothing all that surprising, but a new study suggests the biggest hurdle in getting people to adopt “grid computing” isn’t technology barriers, but managers who don’t want to give up control and access to their own machines – so-called “server hugging”. This makes sense. It’s the same reason why the ASP model has been slow to catch on. There’s a psychological barrier to agreeing to give up having the physical box holding all your data nearby and accessible. Like ASPs, though, over time people will start to realize that there are additional benefits, and will get over their initial fears.

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Comments on “Turf Wars Hurt Grid Computing”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Have you ever...

…given up control of critical computing assets
to a group of dimwits with a mono-agenda of
distributed/grid computing?

Well, if you haven’t then I suggest you do and
the come back to report what life was like 6
months after “transition”. Only if you’re very
lucky, you’ll still have your job and your users
won’t have lynched you on the company flag pole.

My rule of thumb on this issue is “if they can’t
fit it in a screen saver, screw’em”.

machineman says:


This is just a trendy argument that comes around again and again – and always dies off. It happened to the network computer it will happen to grid computing 9except for very specialised apps). The bottom line which you will never change is that people like to have their own machine with their own resources. Computation is not like electricity (a module that is often given by the grid people), you cant just plugin and compute – you need a substantial amount of compute power just to plugin, enough to do most people’s word processing easily.

I want control over my personal stuff not someone else. We would all live in hotels if we did what they wanted in day to day life

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