No Place For A Chief Information Officer

from the who-needs-information? dept

While there was a time when companies were adding new CxO positions every day, some of the positions created during the boom years actually were useful. So, now, it’s a bit surprising to find out that many companies don’t have or are getting rid of their Chief Information Officers (CIOs). With the importance of information and knowledge in any business today, you would think companies would spend more time and effort making sure it was properly managed. However, as we all know, in this climate it’s tough to justify anything that doesn’t directly impact the bottom line – and “information” certainly falls into that fuzzy area. Some companies still have CIOs, but many times they’re focused more on information technology, than actual information. The article also suggests that many companies aren’t all that interested in managing their information. They do put trememdous weight on competitive intelligence and market resarch – but don’t necessarily have any process in place to manage that information.

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