Federal Court Hears Video Game Violence Appeal

from the the-topic-that-never-goes-away dept

An appeals court is listening to representatives of the video game industry argue that they have just as much a right to free speech as the movie and music industries – and that it’s illegal to ban the sale of video games. This is in response to legislation in St. Louis county banning the sale of violent video games. As the industry points out, there’s already a ratings system, and completely banning the sale of violent video games goes too far. The folks arguing for the ban trot out the same old arguments (which have never been proven) that violent video games make kids more violent themselves. The judge, though, sounds skeptical of the claim, as he asked the lawyer how video games were any different than playing games like “cops and robbers”. He even is quoted as saying, “I bet I killed 50 people a week playing Army as a kid.”

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