Does The Left Hand Talk To The Right Hand At AOL?

from the of-course-not dept

Tim writes “The NYT is reporting that AOL is providing software to customers to block pop-ups. The sheer number of ironies in this article is simply delicious, and renders further comment unnecessary: 1) “AOL pioneered the often annoying but effective pop-up format” 2) “10 percent of its users had chosen not to receive pop-ups from AOL’s own service, an option that has been harder to find than the new blocking software.” Hard to find? Almost impossible. 3) “the number of sites that will accept pop-ups is increasing, including ever more sites owned by AOL Time Warner like Mapquest and”

Cross posted at Geodog’s MT Weblog “. Not really so shocking, considering that AOL has decided that while their own pop ups are wonderful, they don’t like anyone else’s pop ups. Basically, they don’t mind advertising so much, as long as the money is going directly into their pockets and no one else’s. Update: A non-NYT registration required version of the story is available at

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