Putting A TV Show On Kazaa

from the finally! dept

I am surprised, but happy to hear that someone (finally!) has decided to embrace file sharing for what it’s good at. Digital broadcaster Pseudo.com (the company that died and then came back to life) has realized that peer-to-peer file sharing is a great way for them to (1) reach a highly desirable target audience without (2) having to deal with distribution costs. They’re creating a hip-hop TV show that will distributed entirely via Kazaa. Meanwhile, of course, the rest of Hollywood is doing its best to shut down Kazaa, while ignoring the opportunity. The show will be supported by advertising and product placement (Red Bull is already signed on). The one thing that we’ve said over and over again is that if the major Hollywood players don’t rise up to embrace file sharing technologies then other people would come along and do it for them. Who knows if this particular show will do well, but it’s a start. If this keeps up, the major Hollywood players won’t be so major anymore.

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