eBay Shutting Down Half.com

from the uh-oh dept

I am a huge fan of Half.com. For about a year and a half I use it for almost all of my book/music/movie purchases. Now, however, Half.com owner eBay has decided to shut down the site and try to move the users over to eBay, as Half.com’s founder has decided to leave the company. I realize that there are some similarities, and that eBay has added the “buy it now” capability to their auctions – but there’s still something different about the way Half.com and eBay work – and, personally, I find the Half.com model much more compelling. eBay tried once before to combine the two sites, and users revolted. I guess, this time they don’t care any more.

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Comments on “eBay Shutting Down Half.com”

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Ivan Huber says:

Re: half.com: solution

I too, would be very happy if there would be a substitute for half.com. If I undersand correctly, eBay will let you list your books for a maximum of ten days. Then you would have to pay another fee for listing. Of course, half.com charges nothing for listing. I would go broke listing my texts and fiction books under the new system and so will have to leave half.com. Please let me know if a substitute becomes available.

robert says:

I agree: half is better than eBay

The best part of half is that all its products are classified. You can look for a book on wasps or whatever and see that it’s not available. On eBay, all you get are no search results. (Admittedly, the product classification was slightly screwed up ’cause sometimes the same product would appear twice under slightly different names. But that’s a whole lot better than eBay which only allows broad product classification.)

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