Europe Hacker Laws Could Make Protest A Crime

from the going-too-far? dept

It’s no surprise that laws against hacking (usually put in place by politicians who don’t understand technology at all) tend to go too far. Now, the NY Times has noticed that the latest set of anti-hacking laws in Europe can make certain forms of online protests a crime. Things that were considered legal civil disobedience, may now be hacking – and can result in jail time. Of course, that does bring up plenty of questions about the fine line between civil disobedience and breaking the law. If you do a denial of service attack – even if it’s in “protest” – it’s stil a denial of service attack.

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Comments on “Europe Hacker Laws Could Make Protest A Crime”

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1 Comment
Raquel Nelson says:

For Mike-RE: European Hacker Law

I’m a journalism student doing a story about the new European hacker law and how it could affect on-line protest here in the U.S.
I wonder if I could perhaps quote Mike or get in touch with him for an e-mail interview about the topic.
Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

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