Cingular Lets People Pay To Make "Nightime Minutes" Start Earlier

It really wasn’t that long ago that “nighttime minutes” on most mobile phone service plans started at 7pm each night. Over the past few years, they’ve krept steadily upwards. I’ve refused to change my phone plan because it still starts nighttime at 8pm, while all the new plans start at 9pm. Of course, the carriers don’t think that we’re all party animals who now start the evening a little later these days, but they’re trying to get more money out of their customers. The continually shifting nighttime has been a source of anger among many customers who, I imagine, will not be pleaseed to hear that Cingular is now letting them buy their way back to a 7pm nighttime for a whopping $7/month. I can’t see how most people would find that worthwhile. $7 for two extra hours of free talk time seems pricey. Besides, the fact that they now want you to pay $7/month for something that used to be standard isn’t going to make anyone very happy.

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