RIAA Website Hosted Out Of War Vet's House

from the hmm... dept

Wondering why the RIAA’s website keeps getting hacked? In a bit of investigatory journalism, the Register has discovered that the RIAA’s website is hosted by a disabled war veteran out of his house. I’m not sure that it matters that he’s disabled or a war veteran, but it is odd that an organization such as the RIAA would pass of the duties of hosting their site to someone who appears to not be all that clueful when it comes to running a website – and who would then host it at his house.

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Comments on “RIAA Website Hosted Out Of War Vet's House”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Out of a house...

For 2 years I used an ISP that was run out of the spare bedroom of a disabled American veteran in the small town where I live. It was only $10 per month and I never had a single problem.

Eventually it became cost prohibitive for him to support as many customers as he had gathered and had to shut down, but up until then it was great.

Which is better: A server run at a remote location where they have to pay someone to be there 24/7, or A server run out of a person’s home where they’re probably going to be 24/7 for the most part anyways…

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Not sure of your point here ? The individual may or may not be well qualified. He may had a PHd in Computer science beyond his other background. Very seldom is a person ‘just a veteran ..’ disable or otherwise. I’m an Ex-Navy Submarine radioman. Does sound Like I’m qualified for much does it. Oh yeah, I’ve also got a Masters degree in Computer Science.

As for the home for hosting … can think of lots of reason’s not to got there but not sure the RIAA could.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

Aside from your misspelled words and bad grammar, I think I might see your point.

“He may had a PHd in Computer science beyond his other background… Does sound Like I’m qualified for much does it.”

Hmmm… I hope I can be qualified for much someday too, but I don’t had a MS in Computer science yet.

Sorry. I just couldn’t help myself.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

As Mike noted, the point (that they’re missing) definitely isn’t that the guy’s diabled or a veteran–the point is they have millions probably hundreds of millions of dollars to spend on marketing, lobbying, web hosting, etc. They are clearly a target to hackers and if they have any brains at all–oh wait…well give them the benefit of the doubt they should know to spend a couple of bucks to have a professional website done with security very much at the fore, and hosted on a secure machine behind a firewall and with a substantial connection. Apparently they don’t and that seems pretty stupid.

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