Net Fund Longs For Happier Days

from the don't-we-all dept

Ryan Jacobs has made quite a name for himself over the past five years. He was one of the first people to manage an “internet-only” mutual fund, which brought his investors the best returns of any fund in 1998. Two years later, though, his fund was one of the worst performing funds of the year. Clearly, investing in one of his funds is an experiment in extremes. His latest moves, though, seem curious. He says he wants to avoid those huge swings in success and failure, and plans to do so by

trading more actively – rather than the traditional “buy and hold” strategy of most mutual fund managers. He seems to think this is a less risky strategy – but it sounds more like a risky “day trading strategy”. You’re basically relying on him to properly time the market, and as most serious investors will tell you, it’s almost impossible to consistently time the market.

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