Your Next Customer Is Virtual. But His Money Is Real.

from the going-there dept

Since first was announced a month and a half ago, I’ve been noticeably not impressed. It sounded like half a dozen other attempts at creating virtual worlds, and it looked like they were making some of the same mistakes (with the big one being high-end computing requirements for users). Business 2.0 is now running a long article

with a more in-depth look at’s business strategy, and it sounds like there may be a bit more “there” there – though, it may still be tough to reach its goals. They’re experimenting with a number of different business models – including selling “virtual” space to the military for simulation purposes. Of course, they’re still banking on the idea that people who hang out in There will want to buy virtual things (Virtual Nikes? Yours for a few very real dollars). None of these plans work, however, if can’t attract users, so that’s going to be the big test.

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