No One Buys Film Cameras Any More

from the getting-beaten-on-both-ends dept

It seems that the trusty old point-and-shoot film camera is finally becoming obsolete. It’s being attacked on both sides. On the low-end, one time use disposable cameras are gaining a bigger share, and at the high end, it’s all about digital cameras. Of course, the disposables still use film, so it’s not as if film is going away right now, but more and more people don’t see a compelling reason to buy a permanent film-based camera for their snapshots.

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Comments on “No One Buys Film Cameras Any More”

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Richard Jones says:

This is funny..

I read an article just last week that said that print photography wasn’t going anywhere. Sure, there’s some migration from print to digital, but it’s nothing even close to being the death of print. I suspect the PMAI may have a vested interest in spinning the story this way…


IMHO, the quality of mid-price-range digital cameras still have nothing on that of print cameras. Most photo labs offer a film scanning service for next to nothing. And cheap digital cameras are just not worth buying, they’re so terrible. I’ll still be using print until the mid-price-range digital cameras can come close to the quality of print.

Duffman says:

Re: This is funny..

I still use my old point-and-click camera. I prefer using it, actually. For me (and a lot of amateur and professional photographers), there’s something missing in a digital camera. On the other hand, there are those who exclusively use a digital camera. I myself have taken beautiful photos with both, and I wouldn’t give either up, and while I would say the point-and-click camera market is thriving, it is far from dead, or even dying.

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