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Netflix Signs Up One Millionth Customer

from the just-keeps-growing dept

As much as customers love using Netflix, many people have been predicting their downfall. They’re still a small company, and have now attracted competition from Wal-Mart and Blockbuster, among others. Most people still expect Netflix to end up as yet another dot com footnote, so you can practically hear the glee coming out of them as they

announced that they’ve surpassed their one-millionth customer. They’re hyping the fact that they’ve reached one million subscribers faster than AOL did. They’re now hoping that this is one case where a first-mover advantage does help. They’ve got the brand, and now they’re hoping the large number of subscribers will give them the clout to keep their costs low to remain profitable. Of course, when you’re competing with Wal-Mart, that’s a tough battle to win. They have more clout than anyone when it comes to keeping product costs down.

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