EarthLink Teams With Vonage

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I’m still surprised that BellSouth cut their incredibly short-lived trial with Vonage to offer a VoIP solution. It sounds like too many people within the phone company couldn’t deal with the fact that they were partnering with a companny that offered a competing service. What this ignores, of course, is the fact that the competing service remains in business, and now you no longer get a cut of any customer who signs up. However, the telecom world doesn’t think that way, so we’ll have to leave it to other broadband providers, such as Earthlink, to

sign up as a Vonage partner. Don’t look now, but suddenly Earthlink is competing with the phone companies, and the phone companies probably don’t even realize it.

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Comments on “EarthLink Teams With Vonage”

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1 Comment
tom says:

Blocking SIP traffic

Why would a phone company allow an other company to use its last mile connection to offer a competing service? Unlike dial-up access, I do not believe there is any regulation that prohibits the phone company from blocking traffic on its DSL lines. The technology exists for the phone companies to block SIP sessions that do not go through there own SIP proxies and therefore block a service like Vonages. Am I correct in this assumption?

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