Telemarketing Tool Trumps TeleZapper

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In recent months anti-telemarketing tools, such as the TeleZapper, have been growing in popularity among people who are sick of being constantly bothered. The TeleZapper makes telemarketing autodialing software think that a number has been disconnected – thereby getting them off the list. If you thought through the details, you would think that telemarketers would welcome such devices, since it quickly gets them off the line with customers who have made it clear they have no interest in being bothered. But telemarketers, like spammers, don’t think that way. They only think that “more” people is better, and thus are excited by new autodialing tools that

will get them around things like the TeleZapper and even “privacy manager” services that many phone companies offer these days. Has it occurred to them that this is a waste of money? These people have made it clear they don’t want to be bothered. They took proactive steps to guarantee that was the case, and yet the telemarketers still think it’s good business to bug them? Doesn’t seem very smart.

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Comments on “Telemarketing Tool Trumps TeleZapper”

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JD says:


This has been my attitude for years. I don’t “play along” when they call just to tell them no. I tell them I’m not interested up front and as little time as possible is wasted.

However, on more than one occasion the individual has insisted and wanted to argue because I hadn’t even heard what they’re selling?

One guy in particular just could not believe that I would never, ever buy anything from a telemarketer no matter what he was selling.

With all due respect to those individuals required to do this sort of work, somewhere along the line their thinking is changed and becomes unreasonable.

thecaptain says:

One PERFECT line that works for me...

“Of course I’m interested, can you hold on just a minute?”

Then I hit hold….they stay online…some for as much as 15 mins. I don’t miss a call since I have call waiting. And they waste time on me, without having to EVER argue.

If everyone did that, think of how bad the business would get?

I saw that in an article somewhere.

Dennis says:

My own favorite responses

If you’re in a bad mood: “Put me on your do not call list. No, don’t argue with me. It’s federal law!”

Or, if you are in a playful mood, “Actually, I was just going to kill myself after finishing up with you, so I don’t know what good it would do.”

Or you can sell them something. “Actually, sir/maam, have I got a deal for you. I have these life insurance policies….”

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