Blogging Goes To Harvard – The Dave Winer Interview

from the Dave-gets-to-work dept

If you’re a regular reader of some of the more “popular” blogs (or even plenty of not-so-popular blogs) then you probably know that Dave Winer took a job recently at Harvard to help them learn to blog. Harvard decided they needed better ways to communicate and Dave convinced them of the power of blogging. Now, has

interviewed Dave about his Harvard plans and it’s typical Dave in almost every way – both insightful and infuriating at the same time. He points out why blogs are useful and talks up the amazing potential they have. At the same time, he makes sure to take credit for creating the “first” blog, and then telling the reporter that blogs have killed technology journalism and made it obsolete. He points out that tech reporters basically just string together some quotes, but if you want the real story, you go to the blog of people involved.

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