Twilight Of The CD Era May Be Near

from the times-change dept

Not that I imagine this will surprise anyone, but people are beginning to predict that the audio CD is becoming a relic of times past. ?Certainly there are people who are downloading music instead of buying CDs, but consumers are being faced with other ways to spend their money as well. ?DVDs and video games are taking up a lot of the budgets that formerly went to music CDs. ?The article suggests the music industry really believed that something like SACDs would revive sales. ?Meanwhile, most people think it will take at least two years for the industry to figure out a “post-CD” business model that makes financial sense. ?My question is whether or not they really have that long? ?As you ponder that question, why not answer our latest poll looking at how much music you download, compared to how much you buy.

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Comments on “Twilight Of The CD Era May Be Near”

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dorpus says:

Other aspects of music

I still buy most of my music because I have obscure tastes, and the repertoire of downloadable music is no better than your average big music store at the mall.

I’ve been waiting for technology that will remove the feedback loops that plague every concert, nightclubs that won’t destroy your hearing. Looks like it won’t happen within my lifetime, as most people seem to enjoy painfully loud music for whatever reason.

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