Psychologist Helps Victims Of Data Loss

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I spent 10 straight hours today trying to rescue my (fairly new) laptop that had suddenly decided it was no longer interested in booting. After much anger, and the wonderful support (both technical and moral) of a few friends, I somehow made it through and had the machine working again (temporarily… just as I started this story, it died again). So, right now I can absolutely understand why this company that helps people recover data from crashed computers has a psychologist on staff to help talk people down from the extreme anger and depression they feel when they think they’ve lost all their data. Apparently, she used to work on a suicide hotline – and finds the experience useful.

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Comments on “Psychologist Helps Victims Of Data Loss”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

New paradigm?

Psychology has lost a lot of credibility in the past decade, because psychoanalysis has not shown long-term efficacy. The medical science establishment has distanced itself from psychology, while most insurers will no longer cover it.

Psychology has been searching for a new paradigm beyond the old school Freudian or Jungian stuff. There seems to be more value in practical advice along the lines of social work, so computer-related psychology should become a growth field. I can definitely see a need for chat room trauma therapy; for now, most psychologists are quite ignorant of the topic.

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