It Doesn't Pay To Call All Of Your Viewers Thieves

from the bye-bye-Kellner dept

Jamie Kellner, chairman of Turner Broadcasting, got quite a reaction last year, first for calling anyone who skipped over commercials (even if they just went to the bathroom) “thieves” for stealing his television programming. He later went on to say that, due to TiVo, people were going to have to pay an extra $250/year just to watch TV, since he’s so uncreative he couldn’t come up with a business model in the age of personal video recorders. Apparently, though, taking on every one of his viewers didn’t win him enough support with his bosses. Kellner is stepping down from the job, just weeks after saying that he wouldn’t be leaving. Clearly, some higher ups at AOL-Time Warner weren’t thrilled with his work. I’d like to think that maybe they’ll go in a more “viewer friendly” direction, but I’m not holding my breath.

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