Internet Access Before You Boot Up?

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Phoenix Technologies, known for creating the BIOS that runs on many computers, is trying to turn around its business by expanding beyond its core product, and adding a very interesting feature. The idea is to make the computer able to do a lot more, before it boots up. Basically, they’re just adding an application layer outside the operating system, which lets it (1) start certain processes running without the operating system, while (2) watching the operating system for any crashes. This way, they say, you’ll be in a better position to recover any data lost in a crash – or to troubleshoot problems within the OS. You’ll also be able to get online and troubleshoot if your OS is completely hosed for some reason. The Register has a long article on the subject as well, where they point out this could make Microsoft angry, as they’re basically creating a second operating system around Windows. Phoenix is also looking around for software makers to write software specifically for this product, which brings up plenty of questions – such as where should your virus protection reside? Within the operating system, or outside of it, in Phoenix’s “Core Management Environment”? Either way, this opens up a number of intriguing possibilities for computing, that get beyond the reliance on a single operating system. Of course, it sounds like the product is still a ways off, so we shouldn’t get too far ahead of ourselves – but, if it does what they say it will do, it will be worth following. Phoenix already has a good relationship with many computer manufacturers, so this isn’t a case of a new startup with a new widget.

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