Court Rules In Woman's Internet Stalking, Murder Case

from the good-ruling dept

Two and a half years ago we first wrote about the Amy Boyer internet stalking murder case, which was a very scary situation where a guy used the internet to both track down and chronicle his plans to murder a woman he was obsessed with. A few months ago we had an update about her family’s efforts to fight the internet information brokers who gave up her information which (in part) allowed the deranged killer to track her down. Now, the New Hampshire State Supreme Court has

ruled in the family’s favor, saying that the internet information broker broke the law in providing the killer with Boyer’s personal information. Of course, this case is likely to continue upwards to the federal court system before it’s finally resolved. Over at Politech, there’s an interesting analysis of why this case really has nothing to do with privacy. He makes a good point. The killer already knew quite a lot of information about Boyer before he killed her – and part of this lawsuit is clearly the family looking for someone to blame. However… that doesn’t make what the company did right.

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