B'ngo The Name Of New Wireless Game Player

Watch out Nokia. You’ve already got some competition to your N-Gage, game-playing phone. A company called TTPCom has come out with the B’ngo device, which actually looks pretty cool. There will be some games preloaded, but most you will just download. It includes the ability to play multi-player games over both Bluetooth and GPRS. The article doesn’t say anything about the “phone” part, but I guess that’s not as important. It does say that it includes a digital camera. Either way, it seems clear that there are plenty of wirelessly connected devices in our future (and many of them won’t see the “phone” as its main functionality). Update: The Register is running their own article about the B’ngo device, where they have some fun with it’s name. I just wonder if the wireless company Boingo will sue them…

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