Music Industry Threatens Companies

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It’s almost comic to watch the music industry go further and further in the wrong direction. Now, the IFPI (sort of the international RIAA) has sent out letters to hundreds of companies around the world telling them to make sure their employees aren’t downloading music. This move, of course, isn’t unexpected. It’s a follow up to last year’s highly publicized (though still sketchy) case where the RIAA got a random company to pay them $1 million when it somehow found out that employees there were sharing music with each other. Of course, it’s yet another example of the music industry browbeating its own customers, rather than embracing the technology and offering customers what they want. For all the dystopian stories about “thought police” and such, everyone always predicted it would be the government to run such programs – not the music industry. Yet, it is the music industry that’s acting like the thought police: “You overheard a song without paying us our money! Lock him up!”

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