Tales Of A Former Dot Commer Looking For Work

from the at-least-it's-long dept

In a piece that would probably be twice as amusing if it were half as long, a dot com reject who has been out of work for nearly two years tells the story (with exruciating detail) of his latest awful interview at a collapsing buzzword-spouting consulting company. I’ve heard similar (though much shorter) stories from a few friends who have been struggling to get jobs in the post-dot com world, so it’s worth reading for that alone. It’s not a bad story overall… I just wish they chopped out every other paragraph or so.

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Comments on “Tales Of A Former Dot Commer Looking For Work”

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rc says:


Were we supposed to feel sorry for this loser? Based on his story, I wouldn’t hire him to pick lint out of other peoples navels. Sure, the company he was interviewing with seemed pretty pathetic as well, but, unless he’s planning on a career in journalism (I hope not, because his rambling style made me almost give up reading several times) I don’t hold out much hope for this guy getting a job anywhere.

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