The Giant Phonebook In The Sky

One of the biggest hassles of getting a new mobile phone is figuring out how to transfer your numbers from the old phone book to the new handset. If you are using a GSM handset no problem just copy the phonebook entries to the SIM card. But what if you have more numbers than the SIM can hold or if your phone has an extended phonebook that supports more fields than just phone numbers? Or you are using a non-GSM handset? It becomes a manual hassle quickly. Startup Cognima is working on a sophisticated replication system that could back up address information and much more to the net and sync that info to multiple clients. The Register is so taken with what it’s seen from Cognima they think this new software could disintermediate the PC from the syncing process and threaten corporate realiance on systems like Exchange and Notes. I think they are making a giant leap. Let’s just wait and see if Cognima can get carriers to buy their software first.

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