Don't Overreact To Driving While Yakking

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Mike Langberg is arguing against the idea of banning driving while yakking, by saying that driving is boring – and if we ban the ability to talk on the cell phone while driving, people will just end up doing other distracting things. In the end, he figures, there’s no difference. He thinks that educating people on how to drive safer would be a lot more effective.

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Comments on “Don't Overreact To Driving While Yakking”

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msykes says:

Re: No Subject Given

I have to more or less agree with that… for a lot of people I think the actual act of talking isn’t the problem at all, I mean we are all pretty used to talking in the car to our passengers (arguments about paying more attention to cell phone calls aside). It’s the fumbling for the phone, looking at the caller ID, dialing numbers, punching in voicemail passwords, looking to see what kind of signal you are getting, etc etc that cause problems.

Of course sort of hard to outlaw just those aspects of the experience.


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