Aging Gracefully – Have The Various Technology Industries Matured?

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The San Francisco Chronicle is wondering if all the related technology industries that made Silicon Valley boom last decade have simply matured, and we should admit that there won’t be any more massive growth phases for technology. If this is true, they suggest, then a different mindset needs to take over, in terms of how these companies are created and managed over time. I find the premise to be unlikely. There are so many areas of technology where the potential has just barely been scratched that to say that all of “technology” is mature seems silly. It just may take some time before the next growth areas become apparent.

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Comments on “Aging Gracefully – Have The Various Technology Industries Matured?”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Good news either way

If the valley matures, it means more job security for older workers. At present, there is open and rampant age discrimination.

If some new thing comes along, then older workers can start the next wave of phoney startups, make money, and leave younger workers penniless.

Bioinformatics will not be the next dot com wave though — pharmaceuticals have a 20-year cycle, and it is in a downturn at the moment. The next generation of biotech will be understanding how genes interact, how proteins are made. But that will be a capital-heavy, long-term effort.

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