Matrix Blurs Lines Between Video Game, Movies

from the coming-closer-together dept

We’ve had a few stories recently about how companies like Electronic Arts are viewing themselves as an entertainment company instead of a video game company, and how they were making a big assault on Hollywood to make sure they were a part of the movie industry’s plans when it came to gaming. Here’s an article talking about how closely intertwined the development was of the new Matrix movies with the video game that goes along with them (put out by Infogrames, not EA). During the shooting of the movies, the Wachowski brothers shot plenty of extra footage for the game, and they worked on designing the game themselves. Clearly, it helps to have a single person at the top viewing all the entertainment possibilities to make sure that the two things are developed in parallel. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues. Instead of just creating movies with tie-in products, will we reach a point where “entertainment concepts” are created, with all the resulting necessary parts developed together with equal care?

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