Cell Phone Loan Turns Into Techno Love Affair

So, whenever the topic turns to the latest mobile phones, I wonder whether or not people really care about the little things like being able to display an image of the caller or select different ringtones for different callers. Well, if this reporter from the Chicago-Sun Times is any example, then the new phones should be a hit. She was handed a Sanyo 5300, which she didn’t think would be that cool, but then became obsessed by the ability to play games, set ringtones, and associate pictures with callers. I mean, really obsessed. Most of us either have phones that do these sorts of things already, or at least have seen such phones, so it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. Though, this reporter seems to assume that no other phone in the history of mobile phones can (gasp!) set different ringtones for different callers. If your average wireless consumer is anything like this reporter, then, the wireless industry is about to pick up sharply.

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