Virgin Mobile Off To A Good Start

In an era of lowered expections, it appears that Virgin Mobile has risen to meet one. The lack of announced numbers on Virgin Mobile’s success in the US had made many assume that they weren’t doing well at all. Now, however, the company is claiming that they’ve signed up 350,000 customers to the US’s first MVNO. While hardly a stunning entrance, it apparently beat many expectations. I’ve actually been surprised at the lack of stories about Virgin Mobile – assuming (I guess, incorrectly) that the move towards MVNOs would be a compelling story in the wireless space. I’m also curious about the average Virgin Mobile subscriber. While they claim they’re targeting young consumers (18 – 25) by offering cheap, no-frills phones, this seems to go against the cultural grain of wireless adoption in the US – where mobile phones are seen as a fashion accessory for many youths. So, is it really that compelling to be walking around with a no-frills phone when your best friend is sporting the chic T68i?

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