Utilities Providing Cheap Broadband

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With all the back and forth over whether or not the FCC is going to let the big telecom companies shut their networks off from competitors, here’s another story that seems to have crept up under the radar. It seems that more and more municipally (publicly) owned utility companies are starting to offer cheap high speed internet access to their residents. This is the strategy that the newly re-launched Ricochet is working on. They want municipalities to offer inexpensive wireless access to their citizens. The telecom companies are furious at this “unfair” competition, saying that since the utilities don’t need to make a profit, they can offer things at cost – killing the incentive of the telecoms to offer internet access. Of course, that’s a pretty short-sighted view of things. Since this is the telecoms’ own business, you would think they could build additional features and services that made the “premium” worthwhile. They’re just too lazy to have to offer a better service. Meanwhile, the municipalities say that this is a way to keep money in the community, rather than having it go to some large firm that isn’t based in their cities.

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Comments on “Utilities Providing Cheap Broadband”

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don says:

No Subject Given

I agree. our does that and I could not be more happier. in this town we have two cable providers one is the city and the other adelphia. well adelphia sucks and more expensive. if you had a problem with your connection, it would take over a week to get someone to look at it. so I switched. this is not as clear or as fast but it is cheaper and it is good enough for us.

I think it is great and it would also be good to attract people to the area

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