More Than a Trend, Cellphones Are a Way of Life

Despite the general malaise in the wireless industry, one thing is clear, wireless technology has gone from a novelty to a part of every day life. A new anthropological study of cellphone users indicates that wireless technology is breaking down traditional notions of distance, privacy and space. And as usual this trend is being driven by 12-to-25 year-olds, which means that as a society the changes are just starting and will fully take root in a few years. This is all good news for the wireless industry because it means that as a society we’re getting addicted to having access to our communities and information on demand. And the wireless industry is essentially in the business of enabling this access. This report highlights a strikingly similar idea to The Economist’s recent survey on Digital Dilemas. They conclude that while the Internet didn’t change the world overnight it has the ability, over time, to do so. The same can be said of wireless which is essentially extending the reach of the Internet.

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