TVs That Turn Themselves On

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Later this year, new TVs will be on the market with an added feature: if there’s some sort of important storm warnng, the TV will turn itself on to let you know. On first reading this, my fear was that this sort of service would eventually be abused in an Orwellian sort of fashion. “We are now forcing you to watch this Presidential broadcast, please stand at a attention”. However, the current implementation is customer controlled, and has different levels of alerts, from just a light indicator, to tuning in to a weather warning, or even having a siren. For people in tornado country, such a system sounds very useful.

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Comments on “TVs That Turn Themselves On”

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kai says:

No Subject Given

I grew up in tornado country. They just had these loud sirens (think air-raid sirens) that sounded if a tornado was in the area–oh 20 years ago. That seems like a simpler, cheaper, and more effective method than “everyone buy TV’s that turn themselves on when sent special signals, and then program them to alert you that a tornado is coming.”

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