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ExpertPR has just published an article I co-wrote with Phil Gomes about why PR firms are doing their clients a disservice in offering their usual “tracking” sheet or news list. These things are almost always ignored. They’re a waste of time for everyone. However, a real corporate intelligence program adds real benefits to everyone. Clearly, I come from a biased position in saying so, because that is the business that Techdirt is in. Techdirt Corporate Intelligence, provides completely customized, very focused, corporate intelligence blogs to technology companies – making sure they know exactly what they need to know, in a very useful format. Our client companies find they can’t live without it, which is all the justification I need. In the meantime, I think the article makes an important point about companies that do things just because every other company is doing them – even if everyone knows it isn’t useful. There are ways to make information useful. It’s too bad so many companies don’t bother (shameless self promotion bit: if your company does want to bother, feel free to contact us).

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