Tech Firms Fight Copy-Protection Laws

from the keep-the-battle-going dept

Fresh off their useless, but friendly, agreement with the music industry, big tech companies are now focusing their guns on the movie industry. Jack Valenti and the MPAA were too stubborn to agree that government mandated anti-copying technology was a bad idea, so now the tech companies have decided they won’t hold back and are actively opposing the Holling legislation (which hasn’t yet been reintroduced this year) that would require tech companies to build government mandated copy protection into everything they do. The funniest part of the article, though, is Jack Valenti’s reaction. He says that the MPAA has been doing their best to reach an amicable solution to this situation, and he’s upset at the “warmongering” from the tech industry. Hmm. Valenti’s “amicable solution” is basically “give us everything we want, and we’ll be happy”. I’m still wondering how Mr. Valenti can remain in charge of the MPAA after so badly bungling the VCR fiasco. Remember the VCR? It’s amazing Hollywood is still alive these days, after Valenti predicted it would completely destroy the movie industry.

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