WiFi Meeting Etiquette

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We’ve had stories here about how WiFi has made meetings more productive, but there’s another side to WiFi in meetings – which is that it can let people goof off. So, just like it took some time for people to learn (and some are still learning) the etiquette associated with mobile phone use, now people are starting to learn the etiquette of using their laptops and a wireless network in meetings. I’m sure it’s no surprise that some people get so involved in what’s going on in their laptop that they miss what’s happening in the meeting, but there’s a whole set of phrases developing around what WiFi connected meetings. There’s the “basement meeting” of people commenting via instant messenger about what’s happening in the real meeting. There’s someone who’s so focused on what’s going on in their laptop that they have a “cache deficit” and need to ask people to repeat things. Finally, there are the ever popular “Google-It-Alls”, who use their quick fingers and Google to make sure they’re the ones who answer all questions as quickly as possible.

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Comments on “WiFi Meeting Etiquette”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Laptops as recording device

What about not using your bloody laptop in meetings at all and just getting on with it and listenign to the speakers! The only thing worse than laptops is people’s mobiles riinging and them answering them when you are talking. Get some manners you people!!

Er… except that (as mentioned in the post) bringing laptops to meetings has made them much more productive… Again, don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Being able to use laptops in meetings can be very very useful.

Anonymous Coward says:

Recording too Orwellian

I’ve tried bringing in tape recorders to interviews, and if you ever want to make people clam up, that’s the way to do it. Knowing you’re being recorded is too limiting.

I have to admit I’m frustrated – I just went to an initial client meeting where I tried to take notes on my laptop, but I could tell I was annoying the client by looking away when he was speaking, so I couldn’t take all the notes I wanted to.

Next time I’ll go pen and paper, as much as that sucks. I think a Palm is too small to take notes on – and I’m ready to buy a Tablet PC until it hits the second generation and comes down drastically in price.

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