Supafly: Be Your Best Worst Self

One of the more popular wireless games has been the reliable old “fighter” game, where two people select what type of “punch” they want to throw and how they want to block. It’s a modern equivalent of rock-paper-scissors, and yet it’s somehow quite addictive, despite (or perhaps because of) its simplicity. In Europe, a company that has built a variant of that game using some location-based technology to let you “fight” people near you, is now working on a next generation of that game that tries to jump on the trend of regular video games like Grand Theft Auto being more focused for adults. The new game, called Supafly, has more options, and is supposed to be about people being bad to each other. The more “evil” or “cool” the things you do, the more likely you are to get more points and be written up in an online newspaper. I can imagine that parents and other family-type groups are already organizing their protests.

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